Crypto Market Round-Up: Another Bitcoin Break Near $4000 or Are The Bulls Rushing the Gate?

All three Bitcoins performed brilliantly, with Bitcoin Cash doing the best.

Will Bitcoin test $4,000? If it does, will BSV break out and re-test $100? It’s hard to say from here, with $150 to go. People have had a couple months of opportunity to buy well beneath this level, so a dump frenzy could happen, which could bring the shyness back out in the bulls. We’ll see where we are tomorrow.

If the level holds for a few days, then we can expect it to hold for a few more, probably, and either repeat or do the opposite. There’s a rubber band effect in the Bitcoin market. Often big drops are followed by bigger rises, and vice versa.


Ethereum stood on Bitcoin’s shoulders and reached a bit higher.

Ether took Bitcoin’s lead and ran it a bit higher. It gained more than $10 around the world.

It’s clear that Ether traders want to test $150 soon. What’s unclear is if there’s enough momentum for that. Again, we’ll have to check back tomorrow, or later tonight. The timing of this run indicates that it was probably happening on Asian Monday morning, which is western Sunday evening.


Litecoin is charting beautifully under Bitcoin, with a slightly higher gain in percentage due to its lower value. It did over $1.3 billion in volume in the past twenty-four hours. The $1 billion daily trading volume may be here to stay for Litecoin.

Litecoin followed Bitcoin. We look forward to the day it divorces and breaks out on its own. It’d be a positive sign.

What Litecoin needs next is a gain independent of Bitcoin.

Binance Coin

Binance stumbled on the way up, but it looks like it has room to grow. The token is used to get a discount in fees on Binance, and has been the #10 cryptocurrency, despite having no other realistic purpose, for a couple weeks.

Binance is effectively one of the most valuable utility tokens in history.

As you can see, we added the BNB/BTC indicator on the Bitcoin chart, to see how attached to the Bitcoin price momentum that BNB is.

Effectively, it’s one of the most valuable utility tokens in history. We wonder what will happen in the future if Binance becomes a less popular exchange. Recently its volume was usurped for the first time in forever. Binance is ahead of the game, though, building its own decentralized exchanges and doing its best to remain cutting edge.