National Security Archive’s complete index of NSA internal Cryptolog periodical

Year Issue Page Title Level of Redaction 1974 Vol. 1, No. 1 1 A Letter of Introduction Unredacted     2 What is a Collector? Minor Redaction     4 The Texta Data Base Partial Redaction     5 What Should You Expect from Cryptanalysts? Unredacted     7 A Spot by Any Other Name Minor Redaction     8 The New Traffic Analysis Glossary Minor Redaction     10 Puzzle 1 Unredacted     11 The Language of “Beisbol” Unredacted     13 Puzzle 2 Unredacted     14 Right-to-Left Text Sorts are Not Impossible Unredacted     15 Self-Paced Instruction: The Future is Now Unredacted     17 A Short Directory of Career Panels Partial Redaction     18 Busman’s Holiday Unredacted     20 Calling All SRA’s: Reporting Symposium? Unredacted     20 Department of Golden Oldies Unredacted     21 Prizes and Honors from the Learned Organizations Partial Redaction   Vol. 1, No. 2 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     5 Crytanalysis and Code Recovery Total Redaction     8 Gary’s Colors Unredacted     9 Project Carriage Partial Redaction     10 Secrets of the Altars Unredacted     11 Some Thoughts on Lexicography Unredacted     14 Language in the News Unredacted     16 A Long Hard Look at the Intern Program Unredacted     19 Department of Golden Oldies: King Eusyb Unredacted     21 Contributions Solicited Unredacted   Vol. 1, No. 3 1 The Mission of the Signals Processing Requirements Panel Partial Redaction     4 Even a Five-Year-Old Child Unredacted     7 Character-Building in the People’s Republic of China Total Redaction     10 Golden Oldies: An Unofficial Glossary of Weasel Words Unredacted     11 A Long Hard Look at the Intern Program (Part Two) Unredacted     14 News from the School Minor Redaction     15 Coming Events Unredacted     16 The *redacted* Exercise Major Redaction     20 An October Overlap (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 1, No. 4 1 Data and Definitions Partial Redaction     5 *redacted* Why? Where? What? Total Redaction     7 New Trends in the Teaching of Cryptanalysis Major Redaction     10 Reflections on a Translators’ Conference Unredacted     12 Purity of the Russian Language Unredacted     14 The Apostrophe: Some Thought’s Unredacted     15 A Long Hard Look at the Intern Program (Part Three) Unredacted     18 Guidesmanship Unredacted     19 Golden Oldies: A Medal for Horatius Omitted     20 Letter to the Editor Omitted     21 Answer to Last Month’s “October Overlap” (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 1, No. 5 1 Maps in Mind: A Photoessay Partial Redaction     4 Secret Messages Unredacted     5 The Old *redacted* Section (Parts 3&4) Partial Redaction     6 Citizens of the World Unredacted     7 An Approach to Callsign Analysis Major Redaction     9 Letter to the Editor Major Redaction     10 CISI Forming New SIG/Human Factors Minor Redaction     11 The New Collection Criteria Unredacted     12 English Language in the News Unredacted     13 A Flag-Waving Programmer Partial Redaction     14 A Long Hard Look at the Intern Program (Part Four) Partial Redaction     20 A Proposal for Calendar Reform Unredacted     21 Cryptolog Index for 1974 Minor Redaction 1975 Vol. 2, No. 1 1 UNNA, *redacted* Major Redaction     3 The SIGINT Users’ Handbook Partial Redaction     4 Opportunities Unredacted     5 How Clean Does a Data Base need to Be? Partial Redaction     6 The Yawn of the Computer Age Unredacted     7 The Case for COMINT Readers Partial Redaction     9 Crossed Codewords (Puzzle) Unredacted     10 CLA is Ten Years Old Partial Redaction     12 Other News from the Learned Organizations Minor Redaction     13 Index of Contributors for 1974 Partial Redaction   Vol. 2, No. 10 3 NSA in Vietnam: Proud and Bitter Memories Minor Redaction     6 Vietnam Articles in DRAGON SEEDS Minor Redaction     7 *redacted* 1972-1973: A Vietnam Odyssey Minor Redaction     10 FRANCOPHONEGLOS Announcement Minor Redaction     11 *redacted* Partial Redaction     13 Language Lessons Learned: A Personal Memoir Partial Redaction     18 *redacted* Total Redaction     22 NSA-Crostic No. 1 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     24 IRONHORSE: A Tactical SIGINT System Minor Redaction     26 Answers to Questions in “Abdul & His 40 Tanks” Total Redaction     27 The Danang Processing Center Minor Redaction     30 Answers to Cry-pto-logrolling Puzzles Unredacted     31 Tactical Language Exploitation: A Lesson Learned? Partial Redaction     33 Automation of a TA Process Partial Redaction     38 Computers, Comms, and Low-Grade Ciphers: *redacted* Total Redaction     40 Linguists — You Have and Expert to Call! Minor Redaction     41 One Chance in Three — But It Worked! Partial Redaction     44 Letters to the Editor Omitted   Vol. 2, No. 11 1 When Censorship Backfires Partial Redaction     3 *redacted* Total Redaction     7 Deskpad: A Programmer’s Tool Unredacted     8 Solution to NSA-crostic No. 1 (Puzzle) Unredacted     9 *redacted* Total Redaction     11 Molniya-1 Unredacted     12 Department of Golden Oldies: Notes on Blue Russian Unredacted     12 In Praise of Solits Unredacted     13 National Cryptologic School Offers Course-Equivilancy Tests Unredacted   Vol. 2, No. 12 1 Winterbotham’s “The Ultra Secret”: A Personal Comment Unredacted     3 Winterbotham’s “The Ultra Secret”: Weapon that Helped Defeat Nazis Unredacted     5 Winterbotham’s “The Ultra Secret”: Mum’s Still the Word Unredacted     6 Linear Recursive Sequences Total Redaction     9 Cumulative Index, 1974-1975 Minor Redaction     21 Great Soviet Shipbuilding Mystery Total Redaction     23 What Are We About? Unredacted     25 Linguistics from the Melting Pot Minor Redaction     27 CLA Essay Contest; CAA News Minor Redaction   Vol. 2, No. 2 & 3 1 Basic Patterns of *redacted* Codes and Ciphers Total Redaction     4 Answers to Last Month’s “Crossed Codewords” Unredacted     4 First Losses Minor Redaction     5 Glossaries Versus Dictionaries Unredacted     6 The Devil’s Dictionary Unredacted     7 Replacement of the Guppy Library Unredacted     8 The Gulf of Tonkin Incident Unredacted     10 Opportunities Minor Redaction     11 Guide to Russian Technical Translation (Review) Unredacted     13 The Role of the State Department Interpreter Unredacted     18 Can You Make Out the Name? (Puzzle) Total Redaction     18 Golden Oldies: The Molecule Superseries Unredacted     19 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     21 Camino News Partial Redaction   Vol. 2, No. 4 1 A Comm Change at Ramasun Station Partial Redaction     3 A Guide to Central Information Unredacted     3 Opportunities Minor Redaction     4 Oral Reporting: A New Challenge for NSA Unredacted     7 Coverterms Major Redaction     15 The Uses of ELINT Partial Redaction     16 Take Five and Try This Unredacted     17 Language in the News Minor Redaction     18 Answer to Can You Make Out the Name? (Puzzle) Total Redaction     19 Psyching the Code Clerk Total Redaction     20 OPTOCRGLY Speaking… (Puzzle) Unredacted     21 Letters to the Editor Unredacted   Vol. 2, No. 5 1 “Code Word” or “COMINT Channels”? Partial Redaction     3 TA, Handmaiden of CA Major Redaction     6 Horray for PMD’S! Unredacted     7 Are We Wasting Linguistic Time? Partial Redaction     9 Answer to OPTOCRGLY Speaking (Puzzle) Unredacted     10 Answers to Classification Problems Total Redaction     11 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction   Vol. 2, No. 6 1 Electronic Warfare Advisory Element Unredacted     5 More on Squaring the Page Total Redaction     8 COMSEC Familiarization: Do You Need It? Minor Redaction     9 Where Does “Does” Come From? Unredacted     12 The Navajo Code Talkers Unredacted     13 *redacted* Radio Telephone Crossword (Puzzle) Total Redaction     14 Professionalizing in Computer Systems Unredacted     17 Project Symbiosis Unredacted     18 Department of Golden Oldies Unredacted     19 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction   Vol. 2, No. 7 1 Warsaw Pact *redacted* Major Redaction     3 Too Many Garbles Total Redaction     4 “Re-Psychling” the Code Clerk Major Redaction     5 Machine Intelligence: Promise or Delusion? Unredacted     9 Rapidtran: *redacted* Major Redaction     13 Camino En Ingles! Partial Redaction     13 News Briefs (CMI, CLA; CAMINO) Minor Redaction   Vol. 2, No. 8 & 9 1 20 Years of Transposition Total Redaction     6 Cry-pto-logrolling (Puzzle) Unredacted     7 Processing *redacted* Communications Total Redaction     10 The Voynich Manuscript: This Theory Unredacted     12 Keep On Rolling! (Puzzle) Unredacted     12 Typewriter Random: A New Look Unredacted     13 A Fix for the Language Problem? Major Redaction     17 Abdul and his 40 Tanks Total Redaction     19 Linguists — We Need an “Experts Yellow Pages” Major Redaction     20 Last Chance! (Puzzle) Unredacted     20 Letter to the Editor Partial Redaction 1976 Vol. 3, No. 1 1 63 Days — The Soviets in Space Partial Redaction     5 Football and Cryptology Unredacted     6 NSA-Crostic No. 2 (Puzzle) Unredacted     8 Lenin and State Prizes: Now You See Them — Now You Don’t! Major Redaction     11 Editor Answers Questions Unredacted     12 Leo in October Partial Redaction   Vol. 3, No. 10 1 Russian SIGINT and Electronic Warfare Unredacted     5 A Vexing Agency-Wide Problem (Puzzle) Unredacted     5 Another Word on AG-22 Unredacted     7 More Thoughts on “Questionable” SIGINT Total Redaction     8 Language Skill File Partial Redaction     10 NSA-Crostic No. 5 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     12 Mechanized Language Working Aids Major Redaction     15 Machine-Produced Aids for the Linguist Total Redaction     19 Classic Use of Computers: Research in Greek Unredacted     20 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     21 Work Quotas for Soviet Translators Unredacted   Vol. 3, No. 11 1 How to Make a Railroad Disappear Major Redaction     2 Letter to the Editor Unredacted     3 Teacher Learns a Lesson Major Redaction     4 Texta “Word-Seek” (Puzzle) Total Redaction     5 Letter from Canada` Total Redaction     6 Answer to “Vexing Agency-Wide Problem” (Puzzle) Unredacted     7 The Uses of Elegant English Unredacted     11 Check Your Morse Front-End Alignment! Partial Redaction     12 Toujours La Politesse Unredacted     13 Solution to NSA-crostic No. 5 (Puzzle) Unredacted     14 Clarity, Thy Name is Qualifier Unredacted     15 Golden Oldies: The Things They Say! Unredacted     16 Not-Too-Oldies: Getting Started Unredacted     18 Contributors Solicited Unredacted   Vol. 3, No. 12 1 A Cryptolog Interview With Total Redaction     6 The French (Fried) Connection Unredacted     7 Why Can’t They Design a Good S.R. Test? Partial Redaction     8 Non-Names in the news (Cooperperson) Unredacted     9 Apollo-Soyuz: Behind-the-Scenes Activity Partial Redaction     12 Solution to Last Month’s Texta “Word-Seek” Total Redaction     13 Let’s Give Linguistics a Bigger Piece of Pie! Partial Redaction     15 Wha’ts In a Name? Unredacted     16 Geographic Names Minor Redaction     21 Letter to the Editor Unredacted   Vol. 3, No. 2 1 The *redacted* System Major Redaction     2 The *redacted* System Total Redaction     3 What is Cipher Text? Total Redaction     6 How Do We Know it’s True? Minor Redaction     7 Expletives Deleted: Glossing Over a Glossary Minor Redaction     12 Solution to NSA-crostic No. 2 (Puzzle) Unredacted     13 The Prebendary and the Prophet Unredacted   Vol. 3, No. 3 1 To Pull a “PONYAL” Total Redaction     2 1976 Language Meetings and Conferences Unredacted     3 Musing About the AG-22/IATS Total Redaction     5 An Objective Approach to Scoring Translations Unredacted     8 A Comparison of NSA and ATA Language Certification Standards Partial Redaction     12 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction   Vol. 3, No. 4 1 One Day in Danang Minor Redaction     5 Will the Real ELINT Please Stand Up? Partial Redaction     6 Best Location for Computer Applications Unredacted     10 On Being Truthful Partial Redaction     11 The Voynich Manuscript Revisited Unredacted     13 Department of Golden Oldies: Hidden Losses in COMINT Production Total Redaction     15 Letters to the Editor Major Redaction     17 Language in the News Unredacted     18 NSA-Crostic No. 3 (Puzzle) Unredacted     20 How Do Adults Learn Language? Unredacted     23 Computer-Aided Transcription Major Redaction     28 NCS Course-Equivalency Tests (Clarification) Minor Redaction   Vol. 3, No. 5 1 COMINT in the Russian Navy, WWI Unredacted     4 Geographic Note Unredacted     5 What Language Problem? Minor Redaction     7 What’s Wrong with AG-22/IATS? Total Redaction     9 About the NSA SIGINT Summary Unredacted     10 Solution to Last Month’s NSA-Crostic (Puzzle) Unredacted     10 Some Principles of Cover and Deception Partial Redaction     12 Conversation With a Bookbreaker Total Redaction     12 Translators’ Compendium Partial Redaction     14 A Soviet View of N.S.A. Unredacted     15 Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis in Language Learning Unredacted     18 Waveguide Analysis Total Redaction     19 A Simple Cipher Story Unredacted     20 Scraps from the Editor’s Desk Minor Redaction     21 Letter to the Editor Minor Redaction   Vol. 3, No. 6 & 7 1 Computers in ELINT and Telemetry Major Redaction     7 “Right On, Vera!” Minor Redaction     8 Transliteration or Cyrillic? Major Redaction     13 Comments on AG-22/IATS Total Redaction     18 NSA-Crostic No. 4 (Puzzle) Unredacted     20 The Marquis and the Medium Partial Redaction     21 The *redacted* Collection System Total Redaction     25 How Things Have Changed! Unredacted     26 Chinese Machine Translation: Notes on Translation from the Chinese Unredacted     28 Chinese Machine Translation: Scientific Chinese Machine Translation Unredacted     29 Letter to the Editor Minor Redaction     29 Transcription in the News Unredacted   Vol. 3, No. 8 1 Yes, Don, This is and ELINT! Major Redaction     4 Initiatives in SIGINT Reporting Major Redaction     6 Note on Francophoneglos Unredacted     7 Clustering of Cryptanalytic Data Total Redaction     8 Oh Really? Unredacted     9 NSA’s System for Grading Translations Unredacted     12 Language in the News (French) Unredacted     13 Integrated Analysts for Asia Major Redaction     15 Research in Speech Perception Unredacted     17 NSA Cryptologic Collection Minor Redaction     19 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction   Vol. 3, No. 9 1 The Bible and the Washington Monument Unredacted     3 Tips is Stil Alive and Well! Major Redaction     6 Foreign Publications Procurement Program Total Redaction     9 Is There Life After Certification? Minor Redaction     11 Another Cipher By Unredacted     12 More Comments on the AG-22/IATS Question Total Redaction     14 Awards in 1976 CMI and CLA Essay Contests Minor Redaction     15 Semantic Voids: Don’t Shoot the Translator Total Redaction     17 Machine-Produced Aids for the Linguist Total Redaction     20 Languange in the News Unredacted 1977 Vol. 4, No. 1 & 2 1 What if Linguistics Disappeared? Pari     4 Executive Order 11652 Unredacted     5 Where Were We? Partial Redaction     8 Worth Keeping! Total Redaction     17 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     18 NSA-Crostic No. 6 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     20 Golden Oldies: A Medal for Horatius Unredacted     21 Language in the News (“Doublespeak”) Unredacted   Vol. 4, No. 10 1 Partners in the Exciting Future of SIGINT Minor Redaction     3 Classification Corner: Who Said? Unredacted     4 Human Factors with Microfiche Readers Unredacted     7 *redacted* Total Redaction     12 Which Numbering System Should We Use? Unredacted     13 Classification: A Bigger Picture Unredacted     15 K1 – SCA Field Management and Evaluation Total Redaction     17 Perils of a State Department Interpreter Unredacted     19 CAA News Minor Redaction     20 Golden Oldie: Analyzation of Data Unredacted     21 Letter to the Editor Total Redaction     21 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 9 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 4, No. 11 1 *redacted* Major Redaction     2 Objective Satisfaction Score: Collection Total Redaction     7 Director’s Memorandum: *redacted* Total Redaction     9 Cure for Time-In-Grade Syndrome Unredacted     10 A Little T.A. Problem (Puzzle) Unredacted     11 Backing Into Language Acquisition Unredacted     14 NSA-Crostic No. 10 Total Redaction     16 How Many African Countries Can You Spot? (Puzzle) Unredacted     17 Language Processing Forum Minor Redaction     18 C.A.A. News Minor Redaction     19 What Ever Does “However” Mean? Unredacted     21 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction   Vol. 4, No. 12 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     4 Conversation with Micrographics Pioneer Unredacted     5 What Made Them Do It? Minor Redaction     9 C.A.A. Message and news Unredacted     10 How Not to Make an O.B. Unredacted     15 What is Pattern Recognition? Partial Redaction     16 Letter to the Editor Major Redaction     17 1977 Cryptolog Index Partial Redaction   Vol. 4, No. 3 1 An Overview of Project *redacted* Total Redaction     7 Cadre Reveals What Data Conceals Total Redaction     8 SIGINT Publication Manual in Preparation Partial Redaction     9 Central Computer Complex in 1970-1980s Partial Redaction     15 A Few Thoughts on the N.S.A. Linguist Partial Redaction     16 Bookbreakers Forum Partial Redaction     17 More About the N.S.A. SIGINT Summary Partial Redaction     19 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction     21 Recipe for Spanakopita Unredacted     21 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 6 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 4, No. 4 1 The “Ice Age” and International Security Unredacted     3 “It’s Got to Get Out Today!” Partial Redaction     6 Contemplating Computing Unredacted     7 Some Thoughts on the Russian P.Q.E. Major Redaction     10 NSA-Crostic No. 7 (Puzzle) Unredacted     12 Swift/Oliver Aid on Code Reconstruction Minor Redaction     12 The Last Words on I.A.T.S. Total Redaction     13 Flash! 115th S.R.I. Located! Unredacted     19 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction   Vol. 4, No. 5 1 Universes, Galaxies, etc. (UGSBOC!) Major Redaction     8 SIG/IPS Announcement Minor Redaction     9 Why are These People Smiling? Partial Redaction     12 CLA Banquet Announcement Unredacted     13 Controversial Book on Artificial Intelligence Unredacted     17 The Polyhedral War Unredacted     21 Plain English Unredacted     22 A Story with a Moral Unredacted     27 Choose Ye! Unredacted     28 Letter to the Editor Unredacted     28 Solutiong to NSA-Crostic No. 7 Minor Redaction   Vol. 4, No. 6 1 Human Factors and Systems Design Unredacted     3 Old Russian Manuscript Ciphers Unredacted     4 SIGINT Welcomes Inkstand Major Redaction     5 AG-22/IATS: A View From the Bridge Total Redaction     17 Vich ISS R-R-Right? Unredacted     18 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction     21 CLA Announcement: Annual Banquet Unredacted   Vol. 4, No. 7 1 Teaching the Transcription Skill Unredacted     6 Changes in Makeup of Editorial Board Unredacted     7 Tool Languages Total Redaction     10 ZBB? What in the World is That? Unredacted     11 *redacted* Major Redaction     19 Which Tape Has the Intelligence? Major Redaction     21 Dating Game Unredacted     22 NSA-Crostic No. 8 Total Redaction     24 Classification Corner Unredacted     25 What Ever Happened to the C.A.A.? Minor Redaction     26 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction     28 Match Them Up! (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 4, No. 8 1 What is an Information Research Analyst? Partial Redaction     2 “Dialog” Available at N.S.A. Unredacted     3 Let Me Repeat and Make Myself Clear Total Redaction     5 Postscript to “Dating Game” Unredacted     5 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 8 (Puzzle) Minor Redaction     6 New Directions in Intelligence Community Minor Redaction     8 Early Days in N.S.A. Computing Partial Redaction     11 Telling It Like It Is Major Redaction     12 Want to Play with a Pickfair Square? Unredacted     13 Expletives Deleted? Unredacted     20 What Are They Up To Anyway? Unredacted     21 Letters to the Editor Unredacted     21 Solution to “Match Them Up!” (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 4, No. 9 1 Another Last Word on I.A.T.S. Total Redaction     4 Doctor is In(capable of Diagnosing) Unredacted     5 *redacted* Total Redaction     8 Knowledge Resource Managment at N.S.A. Unredacted     9 “Is There a Doctor in the House?” Major Redaction     11 Tribute to the Guru Partial Redaction     19 Classification Corner: XHDS-2 Unredacted     19 Whither the S.R.A.? Major Redaction     21 Speaking of Logging Unredacted     22 NSA-Crostic No. 9 (Puzzle) Unredacted     24 The Thai Seminar Program Major Redaction     25 J.P.R.S. Language Reference Aids Unredacted     27 C.A.A. News Minor Redaction     28 Letter to the Editor Partial Redaction     29 “Simonoff Says!” Unredacted 1978 Vol. 5, No. 1 1 Early Proposal for Satellite Remoting Total Redaction     5 COMINT, COMSEC, and Hilbert’s Tenth Minor Redaction     8 *redacted* Total Redaction     8 The Changing Face of N.S.A. Major Redaction     9 But Why Do We Do It? Unredacted     11 Thanks for the Attaboy! Partial Redaction     12 What Ever Happened to Copes? Total Redaction     13 “The Man Who Broke Purple” Unredacted     14 A.C. Brown’s “Bodyguard of Lies” Unredacted     16 NSA-Crostic No. 11 (Puzzle) Unredacted     18 C.A.A. News Partial Redaction     19 Joys and Frustrations of Plural-Dropping Unredacted     21 Letter to the Editor Unredacted   Vol. 5, No. 10 1 Data Security and Human Error Unredacted     4 Who & Whom? (Puzzle) Unredacted     5 *redacted* Total Redaction     6 Know Your Geography (Puzzle) Unredacted     7 Continuing Professionalization Unredacted     9 Method Measuring Negative Intelligence Major Redaction     10 Will It Really Do the Job? Unredacted     11 Can’t Tell Wheat from Chaff Total Redaction     12 Reduction Rations in Micrographics Unredacted     13 Back to Square One! Unredacted     13 Overheard While Standing in the Burn-Bag line Unredacted     14 Feeding the Germans Misinformation Unredacted     15 And-A You Betta Have Moti-Vaysh! Unredacted     16 News of Communications Analysis Association Minor Redaction     17 More B.S. (Before Spellman) Unredacted     18 Solution to Who & Whom? (Puzzle) Unredacted     19 Answers to Know Your Geography (Puzzle) Unredacted     19 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     20 NSA-Crostic No. 18 Total Redaction   Vol. 5, No. 11 1 Wedding Bells and That Old Gang of Mine Total Redaction     2 A Small Problem (Puzzle) Total Redaction     3 NSA Data Standards Center Partial Redaction     6 Linguistics and the Code Reconstructor Major Redaction     9 Dialoge Between M. User and Dr. Analysis Total Redaction     11 Cast a Double Shadow: Trojan Horse of SIGINT Major Redaction     13 Formatting PL/1 Source Code Unredacted     16 NSA-Crostic No. 19 (Puzzle) Unredacted     18 Never On My Watch Unredacted     19 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction     21 C.A.A. News Unredacted     21 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 18 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 5, No. 12 1 A V.I.P. Throught the Attic of N.S.O.C. Major Redaction     6 A/K/A Sam Unredacted     7 How Do You Spell Peking? Minor Redaction     10 *redacted* Total Redaction     10 Answer to A Small Problem (Puzzle) Unredacted     10 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 19 (Puzzle) Unredacted     11 *redacted* Total Redaction     12 “No, No, Nanette!” Means “Yes”? Unredacted     13 Some Tips on Getting Promoted Unredacted     20 Agency Encourages Summer Language Study Unredacted     21 To Whom it May Concern Unredacted     22 NSA-Crostic No. 20 Unredacted     24 1978 Index Partial Redaction     29 Reader Survey Unredacted     29 Sample NSA-Crostic (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 5, No. 2 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     7 Collection-Support T.A. is Not For Everyone Major Redaction     9 Unseen Go-Between: Conference Interpreter Unredacted     11 *redacted* Total Redaction     14 C.A.A. News Unredacted     14 First Lady of Naval Cryptology Unredacted     15 Military Cryptologic Supervisors Course Partial Redaction     17 More Beans Unredacted     19 By-Lines Don’t Cost — They Pay! Unredacted     20 “No, Winnie, You’ve Got It Upside-Down!” Unredacted     21 Puzzle Unredacted   Vol. 5, No. 3 1 Some Background on the C/T Merger Partial Redaction     9 Hand is Not Quicker Than the Eye Partial Redaction     10 A Donkey in Your What? Partial Redaction     11 A Linguist Looks at the “Tube” Partial Redaction     13 Letters to the Editor Unredacted     14 An Idea for an Article Unredacted     15 Answer to Puzzle Unredacted     15 Slow News Day in Moscow Unredacted     15 Word-Seek Unredacted     16 NSA-Crostic No. 12 (Puzzle) Unredacted     18 C.L.A. News: C.A.A. News Partial Redaction     19 *redacted* Total Redaction     29 Cure for “Performance Syndrome” Unredacted   Vol. 5, No. 4 1 SIGINT Exploitation, 1990 Total Redaction     2 Looking at Mr. *redacted* Total Redaction     4 A Little Pep Talk Unredacted     6 Accentuate the Negative Partial Redaction     7 Remedial Software Engineering Unredacted     13 Telephone Problem Here! (Puzzle) Total Redaction     14 NSA-Crostic No. 13 (Puzzle) Unredacted     16 ¿Conoces Bien La Geografía? (Puzzle) Unredacted     17 C.A.A. News Partial Redaction     18 A.T.A. Letter to President Unredacted     21 Letters to Editor Unredacted     21 Solutiong to NSA-Crostic No. 12 Unredacted   Vol. 5, No. 5 1 The Future of Cryptanalysts Major Redaction     4 Callsigns and W.A.R.C. 79 Partial Redaction     7 T.A. Implications of F.C.C. Proposal Total Redaction     8 Answer to “Telephone Problem Here” Unredacted     8 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 13 (Puzzle) Unredacted     9 Project Utensil: Data Dictionary/Directory Unredacted     13 Uncle-A Sam Wantsa You! Partial Redaction     14 C.A.A. News Partial Redaction     15 The Joys of Unix Unredacted     19 The Editor’s Page Partial Redaction     20 NSA-Crostic No. 14 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 5, No. 6 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     6 Bookbreakers Forum on Machine Aids Partial Redaction     6 Solutiong to NSA-Crostic No. 14 (Puzzle) Unredacted     7 Equipment Maintenance on Abner Minor Redaction     8 Golden Oldie: Unknown Location of U/I Unit Major Redaction     9 Never Again! Unredacted     10 Computer Scratch Pad: At Home or At Work? Unredacted     11 Minnie’s Mini Unredacted     12 NSA-Crostic No. 15 (Puzzle) Unredacted     14 As I Was Saying Two Years Ago Partial Redaction     15 *redacted* Total Redaction     17 Celtic Languages Today Unredacted     20 Letter to the Editor Major Redaction     21 C.A.A. News Partial Redaction   Vol. 5, No. 7 & 8 1 The Soviet General Staff Partial Redaction     5 Has It Ever Been Translated Before? Partial Redaction     10 Another Country Trigraph System Partial Redaction     11 Is A Translator A Professional? Unredacted     13 The Bucky Balance Unredacted     16 Tell Me I’m Just a Sinobibliophobe! Unredacted     17 Solution to NSA-Crostic No. 15 (Puzzle) Unredacted     18 NSA-Crostic No. 16 Unredacted     20 News of the Communications Analysis Association Unredacted     21 I Remember Spellman Major Redaction     28 New Board Members; No More Mispellings Unredacted     29 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction   Vol. 5, No. 9 1 *redacted* Partial Redaction     3 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     4 *redacted* Partial Redaction     8 News of the Crypto-Linguistic Association Minor Redaction     9 *redacted* Total Redaction     10 A Matter of Style Unredacted     11 News of the Communications Analysis Association Unredacted     12 Soviet COMINT and the Civil War Unredacted     16 What’s In a Non-Name? Unredacted     17 Letters to the Editor Unredacted     19 Human Resource Development Panel Unredacted     20 NSA-Crostic No. 17 Total Redaction 1979 Vol. 6, No. 1 1 SOLIS – A Vehicle in Search of an Engine Major Redaction     6 How do you tell these two clowns apart? Minor Redaction     7 The Return to H.F. Unredacted     12 Second Sighting Unredacted     13 WWII Japanese Translation at Arlington Hall Station Unredacted     17 T-Vision: Medium of the Future Total Redaction     19 Reflections and Recommendations Partial Redaction     21 Human Factors Newsletter Minor Redaction     24 NSA-Crostic No. 21 (Puzzle) Unredacted     26 Golden Oldie: On First Opening Kenney’s “Statistics” Unredacted     27 Henry Cement & Phantoms of the Opera(tions) Total Redaction     28 Classification Corner: It’s Party Time! Partial Redaction     29 Publisher’s Message Minor Redaction   Vol. 6, No. 10 1 Snowballs on the Roof Minor Redaction     8 *redacted* Total Redaction     9 Another Source Unredacted     11 Club News Unredacted     12 NSA-Crostic No. 29 (Puzzle) Unredacted     14 The Roads Around Us Unredacted     16 The 2000-Year-Old Transcriber Unredacted     19 Letter to the Editor Unredacted   Vol. 6, No. 2 1 *redacted* and a Little Bit of Luck Major Redaction     2 CLA News Minor Redaction     3 The COMINT Chain “Gang” Major Redaction     6 Know Your Geography (Puzzle) Unredacted     7 Data Standards Without Tears Unredacted     9 Well, Maybe a Sniffle or Two Minor Redaction     10 Literature Search On-Line Unredacted     13 In Defense of the Indefensible: Notes on the Russian PQE Unredacted     16 Let’s Not Forget Our Cryptologic Mission Unredacted     18 NSA-Crostic No. 22 (Puzzle) Unredacted     20 P.S. Partial Redaction     15, 21 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction   Vol. 6, No. 3 1 Pursuit of the *redacted* Total Redaction     6 Classic Cables Minor Redaction     7 Vord is a Better Idea Unredacted     10 Readers’ Survey Unredacted     11 Let’s Not Lose Our TA Skills Partial Redaction     12 Letter to the Editor Minor Redaction     13 Computer Operating System Vulnerabilities Unredacted     16 “Data Standards Without Tears” (A Comment) Minor Redaction     18 NSA-Crostic No. 23 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     20 Fairbanks on English Unredacted   Vol. 6, No. 4 1 Comsec/SIGINT Relations Major Redaction     7 A Somewhat Larger Problem Total Redaction     8 Classic Cables Total Redaction     9 Fear of Testing… And What to Do About It Minor Redaction     13 More Fairbanks on English Unredacted     14 NSA-Crostic No. 24 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     16 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     17 Bookbreaker’s Forum Partial Redaction     19 But, Mr. Boak, Did You Ever Try to Get Rid of One in a Hurry! Partial Redaction   Vol. 6, No. 5 1 Project Helipad: An Epitaph Major Redaction     4 Transcription Trio: Where do Good Transcribers Come From? Partial Redaction     6 Transcription Trio: “Run this Through Your Transcription Machine” Major Redaction     8 Transcription Trio: Transcriber-Analyst Relations Total Redaction     9 CISI News: 1979 Spring Conference Unredacted     10 Classic Cables Unredacted     11 Emitter Identification Techniques Partial Redaction     13 More Than Words Can Say Unredacted     16 NSA-Crostic No. 25 (Puzzle) Unredacted     18 More Fairbanks on English Unredacted     19 Chapenko, Shapenko–What Difference Does it Make? Total Redaction   Vol. 6, No. 6 1 Teaching Computer Science to Linguists Unredacted     5 The Story of Moses Minor Redaction     6 *redacted* Total Redaction     10 Traffic Analysis of the Future Major Redaction     11 How are your Stamina? Unredacted     12 NSA-Crostic No. 26 (Puzzle) Unredacted     14 Data Standards Without Teeth Minor Redaction     15 …Mr. Pattie Replies Minor Redaction     16 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     18 The Baltic Encoders Major Redaction     20 The Navajo Code Talkers Unredacted   Vol. 6, No. 7 1 Source Protection: Our Agency’s Insurance Policy Partial Redaction     4 Naval Readiness: A Basis for Comparison Unredacted     8 NSA-Crostic No. 27 (Puzzle) Unredacted     10 Wilt Thou, Angelina? Unredacted     11 Gears of the Mouth Major Redaction     14 Letters to the Editors Minor Redaction     16 Expert Major Redaction     18 Shootout at the SIGINT Corral Total Redaction   Vol. 6, No. 8-9 1 On Coming of Age at NSA Partial Redaction     6 An August Baudy Partial Redaction     8 NSA-Crostic No. 28 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     10 Insufficient Normalcy of Methodry Unredacted     11 NSA Promotion Boards: How they Work Minor Redaction     15 …But on the Other Hand Unredacted     16 Punctuation: More than Meets the Eye Unredacted     17 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     19 Memorable Memos Total Redaction     20 Club News: CAA and CMI Minor Redaction 1980 Vol. 7, No. 1-3 1 There’s a New World Coming – Are You Ready? Partial Redaction     4 Lip Major Redaction     10 Systems Acquisition Document Review Unredacted     11 Analysts of NSA, Arise! Minor Redaction     13 Coming Home Unredacted     14 CIRC: An Intelligence Data Base Minor Redaction   Vol. 7, No. 4-6 1 Data Flow – Challenge of the 1980s Partial Redaction     5 A Traffic Analyst Looks at Computers Unredacted     6 P16 Language and Cryptologic Library Minor Redaction     7 …And in a More Modern Vein Unredacted     9 Oh, K! Unredacted     10 NSA-Crostic No. 31 (Puzzle) Unredacted     12 Lime-A, Ohio: Leem-A, Peru Unredacted     13 AIT Major Redaction     16 Soviet C^3 Total Redaction     19 What to do About “Fanx” Unredacted     20 Help Wanted Unredacted 1981 Vol. 8, No. 1-3 1 SIGINT in the 80s: Two Views Partial Redaction     4 SIGINT in the 80s: Two Views Partial Redaction     7 Kittiwake Major Redaction     10 How to Improve Your Promotion Potential Minor Redaction     12 NSA-Crostic No. 32 (Puzzle) Unredacted     14 Translator in Your Pocket Unredacted     17 Some Things Never Change Unredacted     18 NCS-CLA Symposium Unredacted     19 Why do they Leave? Unredacted   Vol. 8, No. 10 1 Economic Intelligence: Problems and Prospects Total Redaction     6 Technical Support Catalogs Total Redaction     9 NSA-Crostic No. 35 (Puzzle) Partial Redaction     11 The Stairwell Society Unredacted   Vol. 8, No. 12 1 Exercise Support Partial Redaction     5 The 1981 URSI XX General Assemly Partial Redaction     8 Sleep Well! Your SDO is on Duty Unredacted     10 Tide: A brief History Major Redaction     14 NSA-Crostic No. 36 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     16 In Pursuit of: Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, and More Money Partial Redaction     19 Texta: What is it? Where is it Going? Major Redaction     26 Platform: How Did You Say That Works? Major Redaction     28 Review: In the Name of Efficiency Unredacted   Vol. 8, No. 4-6 1 Middle-Age Spread Unredacted     3 Grading the Russian PQE Partial Redaction     8 Third Party Relationships Total Redaction     11 The Poets’ Corner Unredacted     12 NSA-Crostic No. 33 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     14 Classic Cables Unredacted     15 Traffic Analysis: Specialty Without Porfolio Major Redaction     19 DIA Videocasette Program Unredacted   Vol. 9, No. 11 1 The PPC is Coming!: Future Powerful Personal Computers: An Overview of the Technology Unredacted     9 Futuristic Reporting Partial Redaction     14 Cryptic Crossword (Puzzle) Unredacted     15 Say What You Mean Partial Redaction     17 How To Create a User-Unfriendly System Unredacted     25 Opelint is Alive and Well in B Group Major Redaction     29 Review: What do you think? Unredacted 1982 Vol. 9, No. 1 1 HF – The Rebirth Partial Redaction     4 Video Encryption: A Report from Eascon 81 Unredacted     5 Data Field Naming/Coding Conventions at NSA Major Redaction     14 NSA-Crostic No. 37 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     16 The Literary Bends Partial Redaction     21 All the Alligators aren’t on Sports Shirts Total Redaction     24 Human Factors Corner Unredacted     28 Letters Minor Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 10 1 Leadership: A Personal Philosophy Unredacted     6 What’s the Good (Pass)word? Unredacted     9 Human Factors: Text Editors Unredacted     12 The Reality of Communication Changes Total Redaction     14 Puzzle Total Redaction     16 SIGINT: 1990, Part Two Partial Redaction     29 Answer: An Old Problem Total Redaction     29 Not Secret Anymore Minor Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 11 1 Central Research and the Paper Blob Minor Redaction     4 How do People Organize Cooperative Work? Unredacted     7 Comsec Challenges Unredacted     12 NSA-Crostic (Puzzle) Total Redaction     14 The Costs of Muddling Through Unredacted     17 An Old Timer is One Who… Unredacted     18 SIGINT: 1990, Part Three Partial Redaction     28 Mailbox Minor Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 12 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     6 Development and Correlation of Indicators Major Redaction     8 Does Anybody Here Remember Purple? Unredacted     10 Going On-line with Information Aids Unredacted     13 Questions in Search of a PQE Unredacted     14 Shell Game: Counter Major Redaction     15 Shell Game: Ajsque Total Redaction     16 Shell Game: PWB When Total Redaction     17 Kryptos News Minor Redaction     18 Passwords Unredacted     20 NSA-Crostic Total Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 2 1 Native Scripting of Language partial Redaction     4 A Time for Change? Partial Redaction     9 AAAS, 1982: Two Reports: Software Unredacted     11 AAAS, 1982: Two Reports: Gayler Unredacted     14 NSA-Crostic No. 38 (Puzzle) Unredacted     16 The Internal Performance Evaluation: Friend or Foe? Unredacted     18 A Wail, a Complaint, and a Melange Minor Redaction     20 Kryptos: A New Society Minor Redaction     23 Correspondence Minor Redaction     24 Simplicity in Color Unredacted     26 Some Advice for Users of Unfriendly Systems Unredacted     27 …But what do I do with my papers? Unredacted   Vol. 9, No. 3 1 The Personal Computer: A Current Crytanalysis Support Tool Total Redaction     4 A Historian Looks at SIGINT Unredacted     6 Meteorburst Communications Unredacted     8 *redacted* Total Redaction     10 A Brief Treatise on Five Laws of Telephonic Communication Unredacted     12 But Life is Supposed to be Hard Partial Redaction     30 Cryptic Crossword (Puzzle) Unredacted     31 Rules for the Camel Corps Unredacted     32 Towards Better System Development Minor Redaction     38 Old Phone Book Never Die Unredacted     40 Consumer vs. Computer: A Review Unredacted     42 The Mail Box Major Redaction     43 A Toy Problem (Puzzle) Unredacted     44 Kryptos Society News Partial Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 4 1 Partial Machine Translation: Final Report Partial Redaction     12 Tracks in the Sands of Time Partial Redaction     14 NSA-Crostic No. 39 (Puzzle) Unredacted     16 Review: The American Magic Unredacted     20 Shell Game Partial Redaction     22 Word Processing in A4 Partial Redaction     27 Bookbreaker’s Forum on Machine Aids Partial Redaction     28 Personal Computer Application Minor Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 5 1 The NSA Information Desk: “No Comment” Minor Redaction     5 The Micro Revolution: Arthur Young Study Unredacted     10 The Micro Revolution: Arthur Young Study: Comment Unredacted     11 Human Factors: Data Gathering: How do we Spend our Day? Unredacted     14 Cryptolog Numbering Unredacted     14 Human Factors: Data Gathering: Full or Broad Spectrum Lighting Unredacted     15 True Base: Two Tales Major Redaction     21 Mailbox Minor Redaction     22 Puzzle Total Redaction     24 A History Lesson Minor Redaction     28 Is There an Old Crow in Your Future? Minor Redaction     29 Bust Answer Total Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 6-7 1 Who Wants a Promotion, Anyway? Minor Redaction     6 Amateur Spread Spectrum Minor Redaction     10 Reporting Message Volumes Total Redaction     17 Reporting Message Volumes: A Personal Footnote Unredacted     18 NSA-Crostic No. 41 Total Redaction     20 Responsible Documentation Unredacted     23 Some Reflections on the Reality of Computer Security Minor Redaction     25 Odds and Ends Minor Redaction     26 Mailbox Minor Redaction     27 A Looooong Shell Unredacted   Vol. 9, No. 8 1 AFCEA 82 and ICC-82: New Crypto Devices Minor Redaction     8 What Promotion Boards Want Unredacted     9 Shell Game Minor Redaction     11 Linguistic Machine Unredacted     17 An Old Problem Total Redaction     18 All I ever Wanted to Know about DES Unredacted     23 Video Display Terminals and Vision of Workers Unredacted     27 I Remember Unredacted     28 NSA-Crostic (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 9, No. 9 1 Normandy: 1944 Unredacted     8 TSS Revolution Minor Redaction     13 SIGINT: 1990, Part One Partial Redaction     29 Letters Minor Redaction     29 More Free Goodies Minor Redaction 1983 Vol. 10, No. 1 3 The Future Brightens for Flat-Panel Displays Unredacted     19 Improving Raster Graphics Images by Anti-Aliasing Unredacted     37 Current Local Area Network Status Unredacted     42 Logic Design Exceeding Bolean Capabilities Unredacted     49 Ada: Conquering the Tower of Babel Unredacted     55 Managing our Systems for Performance Major Redaction     71 Getting Personal Unredacted     75 Menu Selection as a Tool for Human/Machine Interaction Partial Redaction     86 A Tutorial on Color Theory and Human Color Perception for the Color Graphics Programmer Unredacted     95 Computer Graphics to Enhance Collection Management Partial Redaction     114 The NSA High-Level Display File Minor Redaction     133 A Survey of Parallel Sorting Partial Redaction     155 ADA News Minor Redaction     156 Puzzle Total Redaction   Vol. 10, No. 10 1 Crisis Management: Remarks Partial Redaction     2 Soviet Military Goals and their Effect on Negotiations for Arms Limitations Unredacted     4 Tips on Topical Reporting Minor Redaction     6 Thousands Miss Demonstration Unredacted     12 Looking Around: Telecom Unredacted     16 Banners, Cowboy Hats, and Elint Notations Major Redaction   Vol. 10, No. 11 1 Static Magic: The Wonderful World of Tempest Minor Redaction     3 Tempest for Every Office Unredacted     5 I Remember JFK Unredacted     8 MBTI: The Management Tool of the Future Unredacted     11 Acronymania Unredacted     13 The White House is Singing Our Song Unredacted     14 The Literary Bends Partial Redaction     19 Circa 1949 Total Redaction     20 5-4-3 Puzzle Unredacted   Vol. 10, No. 12 1 The Islamic Time Bomb Unredacted     5 Out of My Depth Total Redaction     7 Non Posse vs. Posse Non Unredacted     9 Soviet Psi Experiments Minor Redaction     14 *redacted* Total Redaction     20 Shell Game: System Shells Unredacted     21 DCL: The Direct Communications Link Unredacted     28 NSA-Crostic No. 51 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 10, No. 3 1 Video Teleconferencing: NSA Applications Partial Redaction     11 Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Major Redaction     16 Cumulative Index, Part One: Authors Minor Redaction     30 *redacted* Unredacted     30 Students! Partial Redaction     31 Cryptic Crossword #3 (Puzzle) Partial Redaction     32 E.T. at NSA Minor Redaction     32 Shell Using If Total Redaction     33 SIGINT Challenge: A Scenario Total Redaction     34 Kryptos Spring Meeting Total Redaction     35 More on Passwords Minor Redaction     40 TDY Travail Minor Redaction     43 Weather: A Key Intelligence Indicator Major Redaction   Vol. 10, No. 4 1 UIS: User Interface System Part One: Concept Partial Redaction     11 UIS: User Interface System Part Two: Architecture Minor Redaction     19 Cumulative Index, Part Two: Titles Partial Redaction     30 Government of the People, By the Party, For the Leadership Unredacted     37 Specifying Colors for Computer Graphics Unredacted     39 *redacted* Partial Redaction     48 *redacted* Total Redaction     51 NSA in the Space Age Unredacted     55 My Staff–It Comforts Me Unredacted     59 Word People at NSA Unredacted     60 NSA-Crostic No. 46 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 10, No. 5 1 Confessions of a Briefer Unredacted     5 Still More About Passwords Unredacted     7 Cryptography at Globecom Partial Redaction     11 Review: Digital Telephony Minor Redaction     13 Cumulative Index, Part Three: Keywords Partial Redaction     33 Out of My Depth Total Redaction     35 The Intelligence Watch Officer Major Redaction     36 Computerizing Traffic Analysis Minor Redaction     44 NSA-Crostic No. 47 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 10, No. 6-7 1 Why Pascal? (Why Not?) Unredacted     4 Redbaron, Roadrunner, Bronzstar: What’s in a Name? Total Redaction     6 Letter to the Editor Minor Redaction     7 Do You Know the Differences? Unredacted     10 Some Tips on Getting Promoted Unredacted     19 How I Almost Helped Win the Falklands Islands War Total Redaction     22 Punching the Biological Timeclock Minor Redaction     24 *redacted* Total Redaction     26 Letter to the Editor Unredacted     28 NSA-Crostic No. 48 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 10, No. 8 1 The Case of the Powled-Up Critic Major Redaction     7 Does Your Office Make You Sick? Unredacted     9 Letters to the Editor Minor Redaction     11 I Remember Mabel Babel Unredacted     14 Review: The Battle for the Falklands Unredacted     20 NSA-Crostic No. 49 Total Redaction   Vol. 10, No. 9 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     5 *redacted* Total Redaction     6 Do You Really Mean Julian? Unredacted     8 Management of Coordination Unredacted     10 On How the “Game” of the Agency Should Be Played Unredacted     12 Wrangler… One Tough Customer Total Redaction     15 Parpro: Reconnaissance Programs Partial Redaction     22 Foreign Microwave Radio Partial Redaction     29 NSA-Crostic No. 50 (Puzzle) Unredacted 1984 Vol. 11, No. 1 1 Communications Intelligence and Tsarist Russia Unredacted     13 Present Status and Future Development of China’s Telecommunications Unredacted     17 1983 CISI Essay Awards Minor Redaction     19 1983 CISI Essay Abstracts Minor Redaction     24 The Language Problem at NSA Unredacted     25 *redacted* Total Redaction     28 NSA-Crostic No. 52 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 11, No. 10 1 Thoughts Old and New, Random and Casual Total Redaction     5 Development of On-line Processing Systems Total Redaction     9 A Parting Shot Unredacted     11 I Remember Unredacted     12 On Spelling “Plain?text” Unredacted     14 National Interests: Cornerstone of Our Foreign Policy Unredacted     18 Programming, Creativity, and Humor Unredacted     20 NSA-Crostic No. 58 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 11, No. 11-12 1 Trends in HF Communications Total Redaction     5 Switchboard: Past, Present and Future Total Redaction     7 Out of My Depth Total Redaction     8 *redacted* Total Redaction     12 Exploring a DOS Diskette Unredacted     22 Human Factors Unredacted     24 Can You Top This? Unredacted     25 Personal Computing in a Group Minor Redaction     35 Faction Line Unredacted     36 NSA-Crostic No. 59 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 11, No. 2-3 1 Admiral A.I. Nepenin: Father of Modern Russian Naval Intelligence Unredacted     2 The Crypt Bug Unredacted     3 User-Friendly Writing Unredacted     6 National Supercomputing Research Center Minor Redaction     9 Shell Game: Time Shells Unredacted     12 NSA-Crostic No. 53 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     15 Automated Information Security Unredacted     21 Cryptolog 1983 Index Partial Redaction   Vol. 11, No. 4 1 Oil and Development: Effects on Nigerian Economy Unredacted     7 Arms Control in the Wake of KAL 007 Partial Redaction     10 Golden Oldie Unredacted     11 Reservations about the MBTI Minor Redaction     12 Numerology Unredacted     13 The Staff in Today’s Bureaucracies Unredacted     18 The Madgeburg Incident: Russian Intercepts and Cryptanalytic Efforts in World War I Unredacted     22 The Position of NSA/CSS in the US Government Minor Redaction     26 Do You Know the Difference? Unredacted     28 NSA-Crostic No. 54 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 11, No. 5 1 Mexican Oil and US Energy Security Minor Redaction     5 Golden Oldie Unredacted     6 Shell Game: Suicide Shell Unredacted     8 *redacted* Total Redaction     11 *redacted* Total Redaction     13 “I Spy” a la Moscow: A Soviet View of US Intelligence Activities Unredacted     20 NSA-Crostic No. 55 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 11, No. 6-7 1 Traffic Analysis: A Current Perspective Partial Redaction     7 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction     8 Espionage as a Tool of Technology Transfer Unredacted     12 Intelligence Analysis in the Computer Age Minor Redaction     16 Naming Soviet Cities Unredacted     17 The Bookbreaker Total Redaction     18 Word Processing Plain and Simple Unredacted     25 Unless Texts Hang Together, All Linguists Will Hang Separately Major Redaction     28 NSA-Crostic No. 56 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 11, No. 8-9 1 Director’s Remarks: 1984 CISI Spring Conference Unredacted     3 The Soviet Censorship Dilemma: Motivation vs. Secrecy Partial Redaction     6 Long-range Planning and NSA Unredacted     10 The AT&T Divestiture and National Security Unredacted     13 Qualifications of a Cryptanalyst Unredacted     14 Linguists and other Minorities Minor Redaction     18 Stumbling into Space Major Redaction     28 NSA-Crostic No. 57 (Puzzle) Unredacted 1985 Vol. 12, No. 1-3 1 Video Teleconferencing Minor Redaction     4 Letter to the Editor Minor Redaction     5 A Message to Cryptanalysts Everywhere Partial Redaction     6 I Wouldn’t Have Missed it for the World! Unredacted     8 Shell Game Unredacted     9 Book Review: Ease My Sorrows Minor Redaction     13 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     14 A Note on Improving Cryptologic Research Unredacted     15 Food for Thought Major Redaction     16 A Traveler’s Tale Unredacted     17 Tyme Shell Unredacted     18 On Excellence Unredacted     19 From the Past Unredacted     20 NSA-Crostic No. 60 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 12, No. 11-12 1 Semester: A Quantum Leap Forward Major Redaction     6 Bulletin Board Total Redaction     7 Why Do We Need Those Funny Alphabets? Minor Redaction     10 Shell Game: Hyphenation Unredacted     11 Book Review: Kryptologie Minor Redaction     12 Letter to the Editor Minor Redaction     12 Opportunity Unredacted     13 Puzzle Total Redaction   Vol. 12, No. 4 1 Finding a Home for AFSA 1949-1952 Unredacted     3 Support to Language on the ASTW Minor Redaction     4 Bulletin Board Partial Redaction     5 A Unique HUMINT Organization Major Redaction     7 Improving Life with an ASTW Unredacted     9 … And There We Were! Minor Redaction     10 Golden Oldie Minor Redaction     12 NSA-Crostic No. 61 (Puzzle) Total Redaction   Vol. 12, No. 5 1 The G4 Plan for Career Development Minor Redaction     4 The Cryptologic Linguist Program Unredacted     4 The Summer Language Program Unredacted     5 Coping with Career Change Minor Redaction     6 CA Skills Enhancement Program Unredacted     7 Galaxy Unredacted     9 The Future of Traffic Analysis Minor Redaction     10 Letter to the Editor Unredacted     11 From the Past Unredacted     12 Crypto-Puzzle No. 29 Total Redaction     13 NSA Intern Training Program [1955] Minor Redaction   Vol. 12, No. 6-8 1 NSA’s Initiative on Secure Voice Minor Redaction     4 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     4 Telephone Security, 1918 Unredacted     5 Shopwork (IV) Total Redaction     7 An Application of a Pinsetter Total Redaction     9 Valedictory of a Traffic Analyst Minor Redaction     10 Back up Your Data Files Unredacted     11 Eschew Obfuscatory Scrivenery, Please Major Redaction     12 NSA-Crostic No. 62 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 12, No. 9-10 1 Understanding the Freedom of Information Act Unredacted     4 Quote without Comment Unredacted     5 Letter to the Editor Unredacted     6 The World-Wide Software Support System Major Redaction     9 Book Review: The New KGB Partial Redaction     10 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     11 On the Lighter Side Minor Redaction     12 From the Past: The New Security Law Unredacted     13 Etymologist’s Delight II (Puzzle) Unredacted 1986 Vol. 13, No. 1-2 1 What I Perceive to be Happening in the Pacific Total Redaction     6 Diary of a Geisha Major Redaction     11 Career Opportunity Unredacted     12 A Case of Forensic SIGINT Major Redaction     16 Cryscom-86 Unredacted     17 How 25-5 Really Works: A Morality Play in One Act Unredacted     22 A Problem in Retreival Total Redaction     24 Improving Training in Technical ELINT Partial Redaction     26 Bulletin Board Partial Redaction     27 Letters Minor Redaction     28 Puzzle Partial Redaction   Vol. 13, No. 10-11 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     8 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     9 A New Kind of Japanese Total Redaction     12 Siren No. 5 Total Redaction     13 A Summer Language Course Minor Redaction     15 On the Lighter Side Unredacted     16 The Representation of Prefixes Unredacted     17 Conference Report Total Redaction     19 Technical Literature Review Major Redaction     23 Four PC-Based Expert Shell Systems Partial Redaction     27 Letters Partial Redaction     31 From the Past Total Redaction     32 Results of Readers’ Survey Unredacted     33 Puzzle Unredacted   Vol. 13, No. 12 1 Technology Seepage Major Redaction     9 Cryscom Unredacted     9 Who is She? Unredacted     10 Quote Without Comment Unredacted     11 The Lanuage Identification Problem Major Redaction     18 Product vs. Process Major Redaction     21 Changing Jobs Unredacted     23 Ode to the CA Intern Program Unredacted     24 A Composite Conversation Unredacted     26 Book Review Unredacted     29 Abstracts on Soviet Packet Networks Minor Redaction     31 Letter Partial Redaction     32 Opportunity Minor Redaction     33 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     33 CISI Conference Unredacted     34 The Story of a Private German Cipher Minor Redaction     36 NSA-Crostic No. 63 Plus (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 13, No. 3-4 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     4 Expert Systems–For NSA? Minor Redaction     6 Bulletin Board Major Redaction     7 An Introduction to AI Minor Redaction     10 Levels of Classification Partial Redaction     11 The 39 Steps Minor Redaction     13 Puzzle Unredacted   Vol. 13, No. 5-7 1 Odyssey Total Redaction     6 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     7 Organizing for Effective C3 Analysis Total Redaction     10 A Linguist Meets the ASTW Unredacted     12 AI at NSA Partial Redaction     14 Preserving Valuable NSA/CSS Paper Records Unredacted     18 Team Building Unredacted     22 User-Friendly Passwords Unredacted     25 Erratum Unredacted     26 Letters Major Redaction     28 Out of My Depth #4 (Puzzle) Partial Redaction     29 Readers’ Survey Partial Redaction   Vol. 13, No. 8-9 1 Something New: Targeting Narcotics Traffickers Partial Redaction     6 Rum Runners, 1930 Unredacted     12 Enter Your Passphrase, Please Unredacted     16 Book Reviews: Out of the Inner Circle Minor Redaction     17 Extended Hours at Learning Center #1 Unredacted     18 Collection Management Minor Redaction     20 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     21 Senior Professional Career Program Partial Redaction     25 Back-up Shells for the ASTW Unredacted     26 Conference Report Partial Redaction     27 Book Reviews: Secrecy, Authentication, and Public Key Systems Minor Redaction     29 Book Reviews: The Computation of Syle Minor Redaction     30 Book Reviews: Italian for Educated Guessers Minor Redaction     36 A Private German Cipher of WWI Unredacted     15, 31 Letters Major Redaction 1987 Vol. 14, No. 1 1 *redacted* Total Redaction     9 How to Write a Memo Unredacted     14 Checklist for Non-Professional Interpreters Unredacted     16 Golden Oldie Total Redaction     17 What’s a Nice Cryppie Like You Doing in a Place Like This? Partial Redaction     19 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     20 From the Past Unredacted     21 Conference Report Minor Redaction     29 “NSA” Puzzle Unredacted   Vol. 14, No. 2 1 The Director’s Thrust #4 Partial Redaction     5 Bulletin Board Unredacted     6 Information Management for the Future Minor Redaction     8 Food for Thought Unredacted     9 Modem Communications Major Redaction     16 Letters Minor Redaction     17 The Reckoning Partial Redaction     19 Some Tips on Getting Promoted, 3rd ed. Unredacted     29 Contributions Solicited Unredacted     30 Getting Started Unredacted     31 Golden Oldie Unredacted     32 NSA-Crostic No. 64 (Puzzle) Unredacted     33 How Russians View Their Leaders Unredacted   Vol. 14, No. 3 1 On the Constitution Unredacted     2 Golden Oldie Unredacted     3 Is Packet Radio Alive and Well on HF? Major Redaction     5 Big Look Minor Redaction     8 The Joys of US Government Travel Minor Redaction     13 Bulletin Board Partial Redaction     14 A Rope by any Other Name Unredacted     15 Ode to Stonehouse Minor Redaction     20 Cryscom Minor Redaction     21 Letters on PC Users’ Manuals Unredacted     23 Sample Pages of PC Users’ Manuals Unredacted     25 Requirements for a Good Set of Directions Unredacted     27 Book Review: Her Majesty’s Secret Service Unredacted     30 Book Review: Teleconferencing Unredacted     31 From the Past Total Redaction     32 NSA-Crostic No. 65 (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 14, No. 4 1 How to Win Without Playing the Game Partial Redaction     5 Letters Unredacted     6 Project Tiponi Major Redaction     9 The Effects of Detonations on Meteor Scatter Major Redaction     10 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     11 Alas, Wade Giles, I knew You Well Unredacted     12 Hopefully, For All of We Minor Redaction     14 The Matter of Style Unredacted     15 How to Measure Clarity in Writing Minor Redaction     16 Two Tips on Writing Unredacted     17 Pointers on Grammar Minor Redaction     18 The Hero of the Sentence Unredacted     19 Gimme Rewrite! Unredacted     20 Book Review: Machine Translation Unredacted     21 From the Past Total Redaction     22 Busman’s Holiday: A British Cipher of 1783 Unredacted 1988 Vol. 15, No. 1 1 The Director’s Thrust #4 Unredacted     5 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     6 An Overseas Tour: A Personal Chronicle Partial Redaction     12 STU-III, The New Telephone System Unredacted     13 Golden Oldie Unredacted     14 An Open Letter to All Senior Technicians Unredacted     16 For PC Users Unredacted     17 About Crysco Minor Redaction     18 Reviews: Four Works on Cryptology Partial Redaction     21 Reviews: The Statistical Precision of Medical Screening Procedures Unredacted     22 Crashing the System Minor Redaction     22 Reviews: The Lingala Code Unredacted     24 Language Brief: Lingala Partial Redaction     28 NSA-Crostic No. 66 Unredacted     17, 26 Letters Partial Redaction   Vol. 15, No. 2 1 Three Programs in Support of Language Partial Redaction     5 Not Crashing the System Unredacted     6 The Clan on the Far Side of the Parking Lot Minor Redaction     9 The False Friend: A True Story Total Redaction     12 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     13 Software Acquisition: A Reform in Need of Reform Unredacted     16 In Re Laconic Minor Redaction     17 A Lesson in Computer Security Unredacted     18 Data for the Language and Linguistics Section Partial Redaction     19 A Partian Shot Major Redaction     26 Hardware Review: Computer Display Devices Unredacted     27 Technical Literature Report Unredacted     28 On the Lighter Side Unredacted     29 Crypto-“Log” Puzzle Unredacted   Vol. 15, No. 3 1 Changes in Agency Reporting Major Redaction     3 SIGINT Reporting Principles Total Redaction     3 Update on Packet Radio Major Redaction     4 Embargoed Information Minor Redaction     5 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     6 The Short but Happy Life of Wideband Major Redaction     9 *redacted* Total Redaction     14 Language Brief: Xhosa Partial Redaction     16 Expo 88 Unredacted     17 Conference Report: Mathematics Minor Redaction     19 Conference Report: Linguistics Unredacted     22 Conference Report: Communications Partial Redaction     27 On the Lighter Side Unredacted     28 Call for Speakers Unredacted     29 “Leftovers” (Puzzle) Unredacted   Vol. 15, No. 4 1 Project Reload Partial Redaction     5 How to Make a Morse OP Minor Redaction     6 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     7 Lotus 1-2-3: A Fantastic Research Tool Partial Redaction     12 The New Crayons: An Allegory Unredacted     14 Resumes and Job Applications Minor Redaction     15 The Question of Leadership Unredacted     17 Scribe Unredacted     18 Software Review: Rightwriter Unredacted     20 Conference Report: AMS Centennial Celebration Unredacted     28 Letters  Minor Redaction     28 Quote Without Comment Unredacted     34 From the Past Total Redaction     35 Bonus Puzzle: Minicrypts (Puzzle) Unredacted     36 NSA-Crostic (plus) No. 67 (Puzzle) Unredacted 1989 Vol. 16, No. 1 1 Where are our Textbooks? Minor Redaction     4 Quote Without Comment Unredacted     5 Project Totempole Total Redaction     8 Golden Oldie Unredacted     9 DEFSMAC’s 25th Anniversary Partial Redaction     10 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     11 Our Neighborhood: ASQ 20 Unredacted     12 From the Past Total Redaction     13 One Cryptanalyst’s One-Foot Shelf Minor Redaction     15 Conference Reports: DARPA on Language Minor Redaction     19 Conference Reports: Mathematics Minor Redaction     21 Review: Books on SIGINT History Unredacted     24 Letters Partial Redaction     26 Classification Quiz Unredacted     27 Bonus Puzzle: Minicrypts #2 (Puzzle) Unredacted     28 NSA-Crostic No. 68 (Puzzle) Total Redaction     29 On the Lighter Side Unredacted   Vol. 16, No. 2 1 In Honor of Women in Science and Engineering Unredacted     3 About Classification Unredacted     4 Compusec Policy for the Intelligence Community Minor Redaction     7 Across the Pond Major Redaction     10 A Note to Contributors Unredacted     11 The Excitement of Infosec Minor Redaction     13 How to Build a User-Seductive Architecture Partial Redaction     16 Golden Oldie Unredacted     17 Belated Thanks Unredacted     19 Cambodia in Peace and War Partial Redaction     28 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     29 Hardware Review: OCR Devices Minor Redaction     37 From the Past Unredacted     38 Getting Started Unredacted     39 Letters Minor Redaction     41 On the Lighter Side Unredacted   Vol. 16, No. 3 1 50 Years with Uncle Sam Partial Redaction     6 Erratum Unredacted     7 Maps as Vital Records Minor Redaction     9 Dinosaurs are Alive and Well Unredacted     12 Portability Problems in C Programming Unredacted     17 Special Interest Group on Fusion Unredacted     18 Cogitations of a Contumacious Cabalist Minor Redaction     19 Letters Minor Redaction     20 Answers to TA Exercise Unredacted     21 Hardware Revew: The NeXT Computer Unredacted     28 Bulletin Board Minor Redaction     29 Review: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Unredacted     32 CLA Essay Contest Unredacted     33 TA Exercise (Puzzle) Unredacted 1990 Vol. 17, No. 1 1 Brave New World Minor Redaction     3 Cryscom ’89 Recommendations Minor Redaction     5 The Columbus Day Virus Unredacted     9 The Cryptologic Linguist Program Partial Redaction     10 To New Authors Unredacted     11 A Note on the Linguist Problem Partial Redaction     13 The Role of OPSEC Partial Redaction     15 Deputy Dawg Unredacted     17 Kryptos Essay Competition Unredacted     18 David Harris: In Memorium Unredacted     20 Bulletin Board Partial Redaction     21 The Mysteries of Gamma Partial Redaction     22 Sorting, Ordering, and Heaping on Cray Major Redaction     24 Technical Literature Report Unredacted     25 Book Reviews: The Cuckoo’s Egg Unredacted     29 Book Reviews: Reflections on Intelligence Unredacted     31 Software Review: Mathematica Minor Redaction     32 Letters Minor Redaction   Vol. 17, No. 2 1 A Perception of the Tech Track Partial Redaction     8 NSA/CSS and Counternarcotics Major Redaction     9 The Need for Intelligence Unredacted     10 Help Wanted Unredacted     13 Planning for the Millenium Unredacted     16 Reassimilation Unredacted     18 Excellence through Evaluation Minor Redaction     20 Bulletin Board Unredacted     21 Crucible/Mostar Total Redaction     27 Raw Traffic and Remote Collection Unredacted     28 Expert VLSI Designer Hired for Three Days Minor Redaction     29 Rebuttal to “A Note on the Linguist Problem” Minor Redaction     31 Short-Order Translation Minor Redaction     33 Balloon-INT, Civil War Style Unredacted     36 Letters Minor Redaction   Vol. 17, No. 3 1 Haircloth Total Redaction     7 Unclassified Facts Partial Redaction     8 Quote Without Comment Total Redaction     9 Aural Language Identification Partial Redaction     14 Sifting Wheat from Chaff Major Redaction     19 The Mayaguez Incident Minor Redaction     21 The Three Faces of Collection Unredacted     22 How It Started Unredacted     23 How the Friedman Auditorium Did Not Get Its Name! Unredacted     25 Technical Literature Report Partial Redaction     30 Editorial Policy Minor Redaction     31 Book Reports: Doublespeak Unredacted     32 Book Reports: How to Edit a Scientific Journal Unredacted     36 Golden Oldie Unredacted     18, 33 Letters Minor Redaction 1991 Vol. 18, No. 1 1 Gister Total Redaction     7 Fifty Minor Redaction     8 Joint–The Future of Intelligence? You Bet! Partial Redaction     13 The Digital Dragon Partial Redaction     16 Ich Spreche Deutch Minor Redaction     17 A Matter of Compression Partial Redaction     21 All You Wanted to Noah About Arc Total Redaction     22 Errata Partial Redaction     23 Crysco ’90 Minor Redaction     25 Normalization Total Redaction     30 in re PROFORMA Total Redaction     31 Crossword Puzzle: Busman’s Holiday Unredacted     32 Editorial Unredacted     33 To Contribute Unredacted     12, 32 Bulletin Board Unredacted     24, 29 Letters Minor Redaction   Vol. 18, No. 2 1 Sea Hunt Total Redaction     4 Bookbreakers’ Forum on Machine Aids Unredacted     5 Texture Reporting Total Redaction     7 The Ten Most Wanted Major Redaction     9 Millimeter Wave Detection Systems Partial Redaction     17 On Becoming a Well-Rounded Chinese Linguist Partial Redaction     20 Cryscom Requirements for Unix-to-Unix Data Encryption-Decryption Exchange Total Redaction     22 Data Fusion Partial Redaction     22 On the Lighter Side Partial Redaction     23 Fingertip Intelligence Partial Redaction     24 Comment on Gister Major Redaction     25 Using C++ for Computer Intensive Code Unredacted     28 Book Review: Seizing the Enigma Unredacted     30 Bulletin Board Unredacted     31 On the Enigma Unredacted     33 Breaking into Our Past: An Enigma of Another Kind Unredacted     36 Editorial Unredacted     36 Letter Unredacted     37 To Contribute Unredacted   Vol. 18, No. 3 1 Keynote Address Partial Redaction     4 Golden Oldie Unredacted     5 Farewell to the Troops Minor Redaction     8 Achievement through People Unredacted     13 The Language Analyst and Automation Partial Redaction     17 Secrecy in an Open Society Unredacted     22 The Way We Were Total Redaction     31 A View of L Minor Redaction     33 Keynote Address Major Redaction     40 From the Past Minor Redaction     41 Ode to SIGINT Unredacted     42 A Modern Fairy Story Unredacted     44 To Contribute Unredacted     ii Editorial Unredacted 1992 Vol. 19, No. 1 1 Under New Management Unredacted     2 The Great Conversation Minor Redaction     7 OPSEC as a Management Tool Partial Redaction     10 Where was the Bogeyman? Minor Redaction     13 There Never Was a Bogeyman Minor Redaction     15 Sandlot Major Redaction     17 The Almanac Approach Minor Redaction     22 Further to “The Ten Most Wanted” Minor Redaction     22 WL: In Memorium Unredacted     23 Classifying your Persum Partial Redaction     24 Letter Unredacted     24 Shell Game Partial Redaction     25 SIGINT in the Novels of John le Carre Unredacted     33 Technical Literature Report Partial Redaction     34 Conference Report ITCC ’91 Unredacted     42 From the Past Unredacted     43 Editorial Unredacted     44 Golden Oldie Unredacted     45 To Contribute Unredacted   Vol. 19, No. 2 1 Graduation Address Unredacted     5 Seven Arguments for Publishing Unredacted     8 The Lead Sentence in Serialized Reports Unredacted     9 *redacted* Major Redaction     11 The Accidental Lexicographer Partial Redaction     13 Who am I and What am I Doing Here? Partial Redaction     15 Major Breakthroughs in Combinatorial Mathematics Minor Redaction     16 Strategic Considerations for NSA Processing Partial Redaction     26 Missions/Functions/Organizations/Personnel Unredacted     27 On the Taxonomy of the Oyster Partial Redaction     30 Valedictory Unredacted     32 A Visit to Time Minor Redaction     34 Electronic Publishing Quiz Unredacted     35 Conference Report: Radio Broadcasters Minor Redaction     39 A Sidebar to SIGINT History Major Redaction     40 Editorial Unredacted     41 To Contribute Unredacted     25, 31 Letters Unredacted 1993 Vol. 19, No. 3 1 The Third OPSEC Conference Unredacted     3 A Quantitative Approach for Evaluating A Facility’s Technical Security Major Redaction     9 Golden Oldie Unredacted     10 *redacted* Total Redaction     16 Writing in a Journalistic Style Unredacted     17 Minimizing the Burden of Maintaining Software Unredacted     21 CETA Unredacted     23 A History of Cryptology Unredacted     36 Fujitsu’s “Atlas G-160” Machine Translation System: A Preliminary Evaluation Minor Redaction     44 NSA and Computer Viruses Unredacted     45 From the Past Total Redaction     46 Letter Unredacted     47 Bulletin Board Unredacted     48 Editorial Unredacted     49 To Contribute Unredacted 1994 Vol. 20, No. 1 1 The Director’s Summer Program Partial Redaction     4 Open Systems: What Does it Mean? Minor Redaction     6 The CIM TRM and the NSA Profile Minor Redaction     9 The Closing of NSGA Philppines Unredacted     12 Eurocrypt ’92 Reviewed Minor Redaction     20 An Agnostic Look at TQM Minor Redaction     23 Technical Literature Report Unredacted     24 Principles for Successful Guidance Unredacted     25 Lexiconography at Second Hand: Producing an “Exotic Language” Glossary Unredacted     26 Book Review: English-Arabic Scientific and Technical Dictionary Unredacted     27 Letters to the Editor Major Redaction   Vol. 20, No. 2 1 Intelligence and Combat: Lessons Learned from DESERT STORM Major Redaction     3 Information Warfare: A New Line of Business for NSA Major Redaction     5 Tour of Duty: *redacted* Total Redaction     7 Target Development in the Field Major Redaction     10 Spring ’94 SRTD Conference Reviewed Total Redaction     12 Publishing as a Member of the Technical Track Minor Redaction     16 OPSEC in the Post-Cold War World Unredacted     19 A Linguist’s Look at the Internet Partial Redaction     26 *redacted* Partial Redaction     30 *redacted* Partial Redaction     33 Video SIGINT Dissemination: The NSA Broadcast Center Minor Redaction     36 SIGINT Glossary: The GUHOR Stick Partial Redaction     iii A Note from the Chairman Unredacted 1995 Vol. 20, No. 2 1 Interview with NSA’s Chief Information Officer Minor Redaction     7 Writing as a Continuation of Analysis Unredacted     9 Journalistic Style, Yes; Creeping Clancyism, No! Total Redaction     10 Managing Linguists in Low-Density Languages Total Redaction     19 The National Information Infrastructure (NII) Minor Redaction     25 What’s this New Intercept I’m Seeing? Total Redaction     28 The Unfocused Eye: *redacted* Major Redaction     32 Intelligence Analysis Off-site and Open Forum Partial Redaction     38 IA vs. TA/IR: An Editorial Major Redaction     40 The Phoenix HF: An Editorial Major Redaction     41 NSA’s “Lessons Learned” Database Major Redaction     42 The 1995 Joint Mathematics Meetings Minor Redaction     49 SIGINT Bloopers Unredacted     50 Book Reviews Minor Redaction     55 SIGINT Glossary: The Chun Wheel Major Redaction   Vol. 20, No. 3 1 The Future of Cryptanalysis Total Redaction     5 Machine Translation Total Redaction     16 Software Development: We Can Do It Better Unredacted     21 Foreign Language Testing at NSA: Time for Change Unredacted     30 SIGINT That Matters: What’s the Angle? Major Redaction     34 SIGINT and the Information Explosion Major Redaction     37 Book Reviews: Recent Publications on Information Warfare Unredacted     39 Book Reviews: China’s Air Force Enters the 21st Century Minor Redaction     41 Cryptologic Lessons Learned: An Excerpt from N25’s Data Base Total Redaction     43 SIGINT Bloopers Minor Redaction   Vol. 21, No. 1 1 Information Technology: Into the Next Millennium Minor Redaction     4 Signals Collection Career Panel Update: A Look at Some Goals Major Redaction     6 Signals Analysis: A Cornerstone for the Future Major Redaction     8 Mathematics: Reaching Out in Space and Times Major Redaction     10 Cryptanalysis Conference, 1994 Minor Redaction     15 Linguists and a Changing Future Unredacted     17 Intelligence Research + Traffic Analysis = Intelligence Analysis Partial Redaction     18 Production and Reporting in a Changed Environment Minor Redaction     22 Signals Research and Target Development: Past, Present, and Future Partial Redaction     27 The Telecommunications Professional of the Future Partial Redaction     29 Global Network Intelligence and Information Warfare: SIGINT and INFOSEC in Cyberspace Major Redaction   Vol. 21, No. 4 1 Interview with Dr. David Kahn Unredacted     5 Scripting ATLANTIC RESOLVE Unredacted     11 Hitting the *redacted* NSA’s Software Reuse Libraries Partial Redaction     14 The Nature and Process of Analytic Thought Unredacted     17 Three V’s for SIGINT Major Redaction     20 American Translators Association Conference Unredacted     26 How I Helped Trigger a Greater Involvement in Vietnam Minor Redaction     30 Book Review: High Seas Unredacted     32 Letters to the Editor Partial Redaction     35 SIGINT Bloopers Unredacted 1996 Vol. 22, No. 1 1 Eulogy for Louis W. Tordella Unredacted     2 Biography of Dr. Tordella Unredacted     5 KBE Presentation Ceremony Unredacted     7 “Louis Tordella Led By Example” Unredacted     10 Louis Tordella: As Colleagues Remember Him Minor Redaction     21 Dr. T: The Man Minor Redaction     25 “If Lou Tordella Says It’s OK, That’s Good Enough for Me” Minor Redaction     iii Publisher’s Note: Louis W. Tordella and the Making of NSA Unredacted   Vol. 22, No. 2 1 Confronting the Intelligence Future: An Interview with NSA’s Deputy Directory Partial Redaction     6 NSA Hosts JIWTAWG Conference Partial Redaction     7 IW: The War of the Future Major Redaction     10 Some Thoughts on IW Partial Redaction     12 Joint Reporting and Inter-Agency Collaboration: Moving Out of the Box Partial Redaction     15 An OPENROAD to Research Partial Redaction     21 The Changing Timbre of Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Sub-Saharan Africa Unredacted     26 Calling All Publishers! Minor Redaction     27 *redacted* Unredacted     34 An Appeal from the Editor Unredacted   Vol. 22, No. 4 1 A Wealth of Experience: An Interview with Former DIRNSA Adm. Studeman Partial Redaction     7 Humanitarian Crises: IC Support to U.S. Foreign Policy Minor Redaction     11 FOLKLORE: An Innovative Approach to A User Interface Minor Redaction     17 Church-State Relations in the Mexican State of Chiapas: Image vs. Reality Major Redaction     21 Book Reviews: The Legacy of Tiananmen: China in Disarray Partial Redaction     24 Book Reviews: Intelligence Analysis: Estimation and Prediction Minor Redaction 1997 Vol. 23, No. 1 1 Thinking Out Loud About Cyberspace Unredacted     5 IO, IO, It’s Off to Work We Go Unredacted     10 The Infowars Revolution(s) Major Redaction     20 The Role of Information Warfare in Strategic Warfare Major Redaction     28 Thoughts on a Knowledge Base to Support Information Operations in the Next Millennium Partial Redaction     38 Information Operations Training Minor Redaction   Vol. 23, No. 2 1 Interview with “Ski” *redacted* Partial Redaction     10 Signals Analysis: The Untold Success Story Major Redaction     15 Adventure in the Attic: An Example of IC Synergy Total Redaction     19 SENTINEL: A Look at Database Security Unredacted     22 *redacted* Total Redaction     32 Book Review: Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules Unredacted          

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